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Dream Care is a company that focuses on sustainable and affordable products. We make Washing Machine Covers that help prevent your washing machine from all the grime and dirt thus losing their vibrating colors. We offer waterproof and durable covers with beautiful prints that add to the beauty of your washroom.

We provide covers for all machines type like Automatic Washing Machine Covers and Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Covers. Based on the loading type we also provide Front Load Washing Machine Cover and Top Load Washing Machine Cover. The basic design is almost similar for all types but the difference could be in the measurements. The quality of all machine covers is the same. Waterproof Covers help prevent waterlogging in machine parts from heavy rain or water spills.

A good quality Waterproof Washing Machine Cover protects your machine from damage and gives it an attractive look. You can buy these covers online from our official website. We also offer customized covers if any of the covers available on our website doesn't fit your washing machine. For customization Call us directly or WhatsApp us on 8882906984 with details.

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