How to Wash Bed Protectors

How to Wash Bed Protectors?

Hi guys! Bed protectors are in demand these days. Why? Because they protect your precious mattress from unwanted damages. Regular bedsheets will not be able to protect your mattress as they are not waterproof or dustproof. Therefore, people are switching towards buying bed protectors which are also known as mattress protectors. A mattress protector is an important part of your household, therefore it is in your hands to take care of it. It may be a protector, but your protector also needs some rest.

In this Blog Post we will cover few questions asked by people related to washing bed protectors. We will also tell you the precautions that you must take while washing your protector.

How can I wash my Bed Protector?

This question on how to wash bed protectors is often asked. The answer is: A bed protector can be washed by hands and by machine as well. Just remove your dirty protector and put it under wash.

For hand wash:

  1. Dip your protector in detergent water for half an hour to 45 minutes. Detergent should be bleach free and the water should not be hot.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush and not the plastic one, to clean the protector. Apply light hand pressure while cleaning, otherwise you may damage the fabric and the waterproof layering.
  3. Let it completely air dry. Do not place under direct sunlight.

For machine wash:

Simply put the mattress in your machine and set the wash mode on. For precautions, you can read the next question below. All precautions are mentioned while you plan on to machine wash.

Note: Do not iron the mattress protector after wash. The heat will damage it.

Can I wash Bed Protectors in washing machine?

Yes, you can machine wash your bed protectors. Just follow the precautions mentioned below.

Precautions for machine wash:

  1. Use only cold or lightly warm water. High heat water can damage the waterproof layering of your bed protector.
  2. Check the temperature limit for your mattress protector on the packing when you receive it. It varies from company to company.
  3. Do not put your protector under strong wash mode. It will damage the material.
  4. Use a Bleach free detergent. Bleach may damage waterproof backing layer.
  5. While tumble drying, do not keep on heavy mode. Tumble dry on light mode.

Should I wash Mattress Protector before use?

This question is often asked by people as they are concerned whether it is ok to wash the mattress protector before using it for the first time. Well, yes you can wash it before first use. When the pieces are produced at the factory, they might have some powdery substance over it and then you also have that new product smell. Once the bed protector is washed, it will become suitable to use. The odour and the powdery substance will vanish.

Note: You can just dip your new bed protectors in detergent water and leave for half an hour to 45 minutes. This will also do the work for you. Then just put it in light mode tumble dry or just let it air dry.

How often should I wash my Mattress Protector? ย 

The suggested time period to wash a mattress protector is every two months. You donโ€™t have to change your bed protectors like bedsheets in every few days. They have the ability to undergo various challenges and still stand out. But, at some point of time, your protector will also need rest. So, give it a nice wash in every two months.

Note: Keep a check over the condition of your bed protector. If you feel that it has been taking a lot of liquid spills or it has started to get dirty, then you can remove and wash it. Donโ€™t wait for 2 months in such scenarios.

So, Guys, these were few points on how you can successfully wash your bed protectors without any damage. If you liked this Blog Post, then do let us know in the comments section below. Your comments always motivate us. Thank you for reading.