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Importance of Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Hey guys! Today’s topic is a trending one. It is all about bed bug mattress cover. The problem of bed bugs is rising and many people are suffering from this issue. Bed bugs can enter your mattress and completely destroy it. No one would want it right? Therefore, it becomes important to look for ways through which you can protect your precious mattress. One of the best ways to do so is covering your mattress with a bed bug mattress protector.

The reason we have come up with this blog is to help you understand the importance of bed bug mattress cover. We will answer some frequently asked questions by people regarding this topic. So, let’s just jump on to the questions.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that are wingless. They feed on mattresses and can cause a lot of damage. There is a specific species of bedbugs which feed on warm blooded animals, and they may attack humans too. They prefer dark areas. New born are not much visible to eyes, but as they grow, you can easily see them. They are not only found in human beds, but also in sofas, clothing or soft furnishings. The colour may range from deep brown, light tan or even white. If you catch them anywhere in your room, just call pest control or try to eliminate them on your own. Do not wait longer, as they grow really fast in numbers, and can cause a lot of damage.

Do Bed Bug Mattress Cover work?

Yes, they actually do work. A bed bug mattress cover will not let any bug enter your mattress. They create a blockage due to which your mattress gets protection. Purchasing in a bed bug mattress protector will protect not only your mattress, but your family members too. These are much more effective than normal bedsheets or covers. According to a research, around 90% of the bed bugs invade through the mattresses and box springs. These specialized covers assist in preventing entries of the bugs in the mattress. Hence, these protectors are really important.

But, it will not prevent the growth of bed bugs, so in case you find bed bugs anywhere in your room, or find it in your bed, make sure to use correct measures and get rid of these pests. You can’t leave them around as they breed really quickly. So, clean off before they grow in numbers.

Can I wash my Bed Bug Mattress Cover?

It is very easy to wash your bed bug covers. You wash them in machine and then tumble dry. But make sure that you don’t use over heated water and your detergent should be bleach free. A mildly warm water is preferable so that your mattress protector is safe and fabric doesn’t get damaged. You can even wash your bed bug covers with hands, if you have time. In that case, just leave them dipped in mild warm water and bleach free detergent for half an hour. Then just use a soft bristle brush or just your hands to clean it.

Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover

As we had discussed above, how important a bed bug mattress protector is for us, so we should only look for the best one. You must check the quality and also whether it will properly cover your mattress or not.

Mattress encasement is in the limelight when it comes to protecting your mattress from bed bugs. Mattress encasement comes either with a zipper or proper cover settings towards the end, with which your mattress gets completely covered from all ends. It gets encased. So, there are no chances for bugs to enter. You must check the quality.

So, guys, we hope you liked this blog post. We tried to explain why bed bug covers are important and how they protect your mattress. If you have any other questions in mind, then do let us know in the comments section below.  Thank you for reading.