Are you still struggling with the stains on the refrigerator’s top?
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Are you still struggling with the stains on the refrigerator’s top?

Most of us being active users of refrigerators at our home are equally sensitive and responsible for keeping the refrigerator neat and clean. The same is done by adhering to a daily as well as weekly or monthly routine of cleaning the refrigerator from inside as well as outside. However, there is one part of our refrigerator that despite being easily visible and exposed to daily usage and abuses, misses our attention during the cleaning routines. The part to ear this unique distinction happens to the top of the refrigerator. The top of our refrigerator acts as a storage space, utility platform while taking our or setting things in the refrigerator, desk to hold receipts, keys, etc. Often even act as a mini bank that holds the extra coins or act as a display unit for family photographs. There are many other creative ways in which a normal fridge cover top is used in a normal household. All such things together often lead to a chaos and clutter, that makes routine cleaning a difficult project. Absence and / or frequent misses of dusting and cleaning often leads to accumulation of spillage, grim, grease, dirt, etc.

According to a research by Imperial College, London the average height of Indian women is 5ft or 152.6cms where as that of Indian men is 5ft 4.9ft or 164.9cms. It has been observed that the height of a common household refrigerator ranges between 5.1 ft – 5.9ft. Hence, most of us struggle while using the refrigerator top with ease and without elevated platform, which is rare during our daily routine. The need for elevated platform is compensated by standing and stretching ourselves on feet. Not well trained in ballet, such speedy action often leads to spillage, leaks and scratches on the refrigerator top. The spillage and leak marks from the storage utensils on being accumulated and unattended become a bacterial and virus breeding spots whereas the scratches from sharp metallic edged products like keys, showpieces, etc. lead to chip off in the enamel coat on the surface and make it prone to corrosion.

Most of households use strong cleaners to rigorously rub or at times scoop the accumulated stains, dust and grease. The strong chemicals and aggressive cleaning routine often lead to wear and tear of the polish and coat exposing the underneath metallic surface hence causing rusting. Also, in order to keep sharp edged and metallic products directly in contact with the fridge top one keeps a fridge protector or covers to act as aid in preventing direct contact of the items with the fridge top. However, too much accumulation of the products and items on top blocks the heat loss and eventually puts extra pressure on the compressor.

The waterproof and dust proof refrigerator top covers are best preventive aid. They come with the storage pockets that help to store small little things that are otherwise cluttered on the freeze cover top. The separate pockets can be used to sort and organize things. Also, the PVC make of these covers make them resistant to dust and water. They can be easily cleaned by wiping them with a clean cloth. Being layered for waterproofing they prevents the moisture, spillage, leaks, rust and other corrodents to reach the surface of the refrigerator’s top hence keep it clean and hygienic. The additional layer also makes them tougher and less prone to scratches.

It is also recommended for families to use Fridge Mats for its protection from external threats that cannot be assumed. Fridge mats is worthy and can be used for persuasively.

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