Cushion Care in house with children
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Cushion Care in house with children

Cushions as a word still evokes an impression of nobility and richness. The journey of Cushions that started from the royal courts and households of aristocrats over the centuries traveled their way to the modern-day household. With time a piece of hosiery that was seen as an expensive and luxury layered item became a décor accessory of a normal household. A large ornamental regular used for seating purpose, cushion protector covers in modern era are used to add flabbiness and softness to seats and actuate low cost creativity.

Unlike in traditional times, cushions in a modern-day home are often than more subjected to practical use rather than just as a decorative item. They add warmth to the room’s ambience and helps to forge the mood or refresh the interiors for the new season and occasion. On the contrary, they are no longer recipients of pamper and delicate touch. Being a routine piece of furnishing in living room they are propped against, scratched and jumped on, pulled across lengths and breadths, thrown around as a game, receive the spills and drops and face the wrath of varying weather and temperature. A modern-day cushion certainly needs to be durable to go through the rigor on daily basis and still sustain.

The more overt expression of abuse that the cushions are subjected to in our homes not only ruin their dimensional stability but also make them more susceptible to early wear and tear. The shape and seam of cushions and age of the fabric.
One way to address the issue is with the use of higher GSM fabric. However, the issue is that as we opt for higher GSM only the tear strength of the fabric but also adds to the stiffness of the fabric making it hard and rough to snuggle on to. The increase in GSM will also add to the weight as well as the cost.

The most appropriate solution to above shared issue is opting for Waterproof Cushion Protectors. They do maintain the stretch ability of the fabric, enhances its strength and life expectancy of the fabric. The addition of the water proof surface to the cushion protective covers make the fabric stress resistance. It gives stiffness to the edges of the cushions and pervert them to curl. Waterproof Cushion Protectors hence takes care of all the concerns shared above while still keeping cushions light weight and breathable.

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