Cushion Care Simplified
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Cushion Care Simplified

Cushions are upholstery items filled with soft material that are often used for comfort to the sitting furniture and add coziness and vibrancy to the room while enhancing the aesthetics of the room. The journey of cushions from being used to reduce unpleasantness of a hard-wooden furniture in old times to adding support, correct postures and other physio purposes in modern day, has seen many unfolds. With the change in usage the preference in cushion fabrics has also seen a transit from traditional cotton, silk, wool, Linen, hosiery to today’s fabrics that prominently includes voile, leather, suede, velvet, fur, polyester in addition to many others.

With change in the fabric and the usage of cushions, the manner in which they have to be taken care of and maintained has also evolved. A simple daily chore of dusting is replaced with dedicated routine of cleaning in a prescribed manner. The traditional method of removing and washing the cushion protective covers by hand or washing machines has lost its viability. A household washing has been substituted by specialized laundry services. The careful selection of specific chemical solution has upstaged the traditional usage of normal detergent powder and washing cakes.

The dirt, pollens, dead skin of users, hairs, sweat, food, water, etc. are normal to be spilled over and add to make the cushions look grimy. These pollutants and irritants get trapped within the weaving and results in blotchiness on the surface of the cushion. Despite applying best of the washing products to take care of cushions, the repeated usage more than often leads to yellowing of light color fabrics and / or color bleeding and change in color. The chemicals used in washing products and chemicals reacts with the cleaning agents and results in weakening of the fabric, decolorization and many times changes the color composition resulting in change of the fabric’s color.

The easiest solution to take care of this issue is Waterproof Cushion Protector. The protected layer of the Waterproof cushion protector covers not only forms a protective layer that prevents deep seepage of the dirt but also drastically reduces the need for strong chemicals to clean cushion’s fabric. By reducing and / or absorbing lesser chemicals from the cleaning catalysts it also reduces the irritants that may cause allergies and skin reactions for its users.

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