Do you struggle to take care of your cluttered wardrobe?`
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Do you struggle to take care of your cluttered wardrobe?`

Almirah is curtailed to not only the wardrobe but also the influence and power in an Indian household. The key to almirah leads to the influence in more than one way and in most of our homes is controlled by the female members. A well-arranged wardrobe and almirah does give an overwhelmed sense of control. Since all power comes with responsibility so does the almirah. It comes with the uphill task of keeping a sorted wardrobe more than anything, especially for their own drapes that have numerous criteria that may vary from occasion, season, time, place or location, etc. To catalogue the same does require complex management skills especially when the wardrobe is not to be treated only as a fashion object but an investment with emotive value.

No matter how cynical it may sound, but the fact is that it for sure is a complex task considering the increasing professional duties added to the kitty of our female partners in addition to the household chores. Hence, seldom is it possible for them to devote time to declutter and rearrange the wardrobe on daily basis. As a result, what starts as a well classified wardrobe at start of the week ends up as a pile of clothes as we approach the weekend.

In addition to the general abuse one subjects to our wardrobe during the week, in absence of the suitable hanger space, most of our wardrobe are stuffed into the plastic shopping bags. These bags as a practice are mounted one upon another till, they reach a point leading to avalanche like situation. Also, it is extremely uncomfortable to search one’s dress from the pile of plastic bags as the only way to do so is to sneak peek in all of them till one hit the jackpot. To arrange and convert such a scenario into serene view either requires a purge or a better way to arrange things.

One way to address the issue is to have a bigger wardrobe, may be a walk through. However, that thought can still be defined as an idealistic dream for many of us who are still trying to meet the growing needs of our family within the restricted boundaries of our flats and homes. Hence, what we need is a compact yet practically feasible and convenient manner to arrange the wardrobe.

Lehenga anSaree Cover offer an easy, cost effective and less time-consuming alternative. It does come as a savior from disorganization beast and not only helps to declutter but also offer a creative solution to downsize the storage. It prevents the costly dresses to get crashed, loose their bounce and save them from dirt, insects and wear and tear of weather. The colorful options also offer the comfort of using the multiple covers as sorter so as to reduce the scope of getting things jumble up in the almirah. These covers for sure gives a soothing revert to unique needs and helps attain efficiency in managing wardrobe.

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