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In this blog we will walk you through some unknown effects due to excessive AC surrounding. 

Let’s start.

Premature ageing

When AC’s eliminate the moisture from a space, your skin loses its moisture, and also begins shriveling. It finally loses its elasticity too. The continuous loss and shortage of replacement of water in the skin cells lead to Dry and dry skin that’s prone to growing creases and wrinkles.

Dehydrated skin

With air conditioning, the warmth of the surrounding region is decreased to approximately 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. This helps your body decrease the creation of perspiration in any way regions, except that the underarms, palms and soles. Because of this, the toxins stay inside the epidermis and don’t get secreted. Additionally, it lessens the oil generation of skin, which contributes to dull, salty, dried skin.

Dry and itchy skin

Air conditioners have a tendency to eradicate all of the moisture in a space. Since they’re not discerning about the moisture that they eliminate, they suck the moisture out of your skin too. This also impacts the skin, making your skin very dry. If your skin isn’t sufficiently hydrated, continuous dryness will gradually impact its internal layers. Your skin will wind up extending, which in turn, can ensure it is flaky and itchy.

Skin degeneration

Individuals most often step from an air-conditioned environment to the scorching heat out, or walk right into an air-conditioned area from the sweltering outdoors. This abrupt change from 1 temperature to another can end up being quite stressful for your skin, since it impacts and damages the skin’s capacity to regenerate. If your skin is continually under stress such as this, it is going to struggle to handle the fluctuations in its surroundings, and will not reevaluate how it is supposed to, that will eventually make it eventually become undernourished, and dull.

Skin disorders

Sometimes, the skin becomes red, develops migraines, and begins peeling off.

Here are some tips to reduce the AC effects on your skin:

  1. Moisturize your skin using a cream, frequently.
  2. Use mild soaps which are glycerin-based
  3. Do not become overly determined by air conditioners. If you can not turn them off in your workplace, do your best not to rely on them at home.
  4. Ensure that you change your ac filters every 4-6 weeks

We hope that you liked this blog and will avoid the shelter of excessive AC. 

Thank you for being so patient 

Regards Dream Care India 

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