How to Protect Your Mattress from Damage?
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How to Protect Your Mattress from Damage?

A mattress is a bedding supplement used as a bed or on a bed frame infused with materials such as cotton, hair, feathers, foam rubber, or coiled springs.

Mattress Get Damage

Everything manufactured gets damaged, and the same is with mattresses. Some mattresses last from 10 to 15 years. It can stay longer when you handle it congruously.

The mattress of low quality, or if not handled properly, stays for a short period.
Some reasons for the damage are:

  • Without proper airflow - Time and again, you don't allow appropriate airflow in the top layers of your mattress and immediately change bedsheets. Resultant, the moisture settles into the bedding and produces a stale odor.
  • Dust mites and bedbugs - The dust mites are microscopic bugs that live on the soft surface like the top layer of a mattress and make the sleep uncomfortable.
  • Sagging - In the absence of proper support, mattresses get subjected to significant pressure from the sleeper's body. The foam materials used tend to soften over time and give rise to a feeling of sagging.
  • Stains and liquids - Bed-wetting, body sweat, body oils, drinks, and even water spill seep into the upper layers of a mattress. Thus, they damage the top layers that cause the growth of bacteria and even odor if not dealt with immediately. Those fluids are arduous to clean.

How to Protect your Mattress

With timely and proper care, you can protect your mattress for a reasonable period.

  • While changing the bedsheet, keep the mattress exposed to the fresh air for some minutes. Show the sunlight whenever possible for at least 3 to 4 hours. Vacuum the mattress or clean it to get rid of any debris. Make sure to clean the dust under them.
  • They can be kept under control with proper sunlight and by vacuuming the mattress every month. Frequently washing the bedsheets, mats & carpets in the room is vital. You can use an affordable Dream Care Mattress Protector or mattress encasement to keep dust mites and bedbugs away from the top layers of your mattress. These protectors are available in many designs, and you can wash them easily.
  • Most all-foam and hybrid mattresses need more durable support. While buying, you must check to have the correct foundation. Rotating is another appropriate technique to increase its lifespan because that allows an even distribution of the body weight and reduces sagging.
  • You can also protect your mattress from liquids with a mattress protector or mattress encasement. For bed-wetting issues, use a baby dry sheet available in a variety and is affordable. Use a bed server made up of PVC material to avoid any seepage of food or tea stains on the mattress.

Time to Share a Golden Tip

Lastly, someday or the other, you need to buy or change your mattress. We are here to guide you and your family.

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