How to take care and ensure longevity of your Washing Machine?
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How to take care and ensure longevity of your Washing Machine?

Washing Machines are kin to the other costly electric household items including Laptops, LED TVs, Refrigerator, Microwave ovens, etc. They for sure are a prized possession that plays an important role in easing our daily life. The advent of summer season and vacations approaching means frequent change of clothes due to sweat and more dirty clothes, calling for more frequent laundry cycles. Since washing machines provides important assistance in our daily chores therefore it is important for us to also take good care of these machines to ensure a longer efficiency and maintenance free lifespan.

The following care tip will ensure that we are able to extend the lifespan of our washing machines:

1. In order to address the heap of dirty clothes quickly one is often tempted to overload our machines with too many clothes. We should avoid overloading machines as it adds to additional wear and tear on motor and suspension. One must adhere to the capacity as recommended in the manual.

2. Washing machines are subject to frequent power surge and hence use to stabilizer or surge protectors is recommended.

3. Ensure the washer tub is properly angled and aligned to the ground in order to avoid vibrations as it adds pressure on motor and may damage it.

4. Zippers in clothes must be zipped up before adding to the washer in order to protect them from being stuck or cause scratches.

5. Mesh bags or old pillow case can be used to place clothing with closure hooks and hence prevent them from causing scratches.

6. The washer on being subjected to frequent abuse during usage loses its balance. The same can be identified with the noise. Such disarrayed washers often add

7. To the pressure on motors.

8. Washing machine dispensers and dryers must be cleaned as a routine after every wash to remove clog and lint as they reduce the efficiency of the washing machine.

9. Correct dosing of cleaners is extremely crucial as over dosage of these laundry agents often causes issues to motors, panels and pipes.

10. It is advisable to segregate clothes as that ensure smaller load in multiple cycles and also helps in appropriating the cycle time.

11. Ensue to wash the washer and dryer properly especially between the folds and grooves and then keep them open to air them out. This prevent the machine to develop false odor due to bacteria and mildew.

12. Ensure there is sufficient gap from the walls and hose of the washing machine.

13. Frequently check for any bulge, crack and / or leaks in the hose.

14. Avoid keeping washing machine directly exposed to water and sunlight as it erodes it surface.

15. Do not avoid any cracks as it will lead to rusting of the machine.

16. Keep the washing machine safe from insects, bugs, dirt, dust, etc. as on being accumulated it affects the efficiency of the motor as well as control panel.

17. The control panels of the washing machines should be saved from moisture and spillage.

Despite taking the above cautions, it is important to get the washing machine checked and repaired by professionals as soon as one notices any problem. It is tempting to keep using the washing machine if it works despite the identified issues, however in many cases this lead to a bigger expense repair in future. PVC Washing Machine Covers help to provide a protective layer to the surface of the washing machines and hence prevent corrosion due to water. By shielding the exterior of the washing machine from direct sunlight and high temperatures it prevents the wear and tear of its sheen. Being PVC made it protects the sensitive control panels of the washing machine from the spillage and moisture. Being cost effective it does is a product one must add to our laundry room to show the care for washing machine that will help to increase its lifespan.

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