How to take care for your sofas?
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How to take care for your sofas?

When we buy a new sofa, we’re making a significant investment. We’re choosing an important part of furniture that will often become the inessential part of our home – a place where we rest after work, entertain our people and an area where our kids can play and watch TV. We can expect that our sofa will be used frequently, and it’s for this reason that we’ll need to take care of it.

The Types of Sofa:

Sofa types can be divided into the below category:

  • Fabric Sofa, and
  • Leather

Here are some useful tips to keep our sofa in good condition:

  • Rotate and turn the cushions daily to prevent forming pressure marks at places where the cushion seams rest against each other.
  • Clean the sofa regularly with soft clothes, cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner by lifting crumbs and dirt from the weave.
  • Brush the sofa in proper way, brushing must be done once in a week and type of brush depend on the material of your sofa. For leather sofa you can use any cleaning cloth or brush but for fabric sofa one must use a brush that is soft and thick.
  • Always invest in good-quality fabric sofas like cotton, microfiber, denim and velvet. Sofas with these fabrics are often treated with scratch and stain-resistant finish so you can wash them with the handheld cleaner.
  • Try to dry-clean the sofa once in a month.
  • Once in the year send the sofa for professional cleaner for complete wash.

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