How to take care of your cushions?
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How to take care of your cushions?

Cushions add some personality to your couch or bed, and also provide an extra layer of comfort. Thus, when you buy the high-quality cushions you want them to stay comfortable, last long and remain clean. So, here we are with some tips on how you can extend the life and give the best care to your cushions:

And it is also recommended for you to buy cushion protector covers for the longevity of your cushion.

Buy cushions with removable covers:

Do your cushions have a removable cover? Removable covers are definitely the best cushion option. Cushion stuff is expensive and using removable covers means that you can reuse the same stuff, and you can change the cover whenever you want. Removable covers make the cleaning of cushions really easy. So, we would recommend you to always buy cushions with removable covers.

Wash Your cushions:

Cushions should be washed. For washing, first, you need to remove the cover and wash the cover and cushion separately. Follow the instruction of washing as indicated by the manufacturer. Always use a mild soap and dry it out as per the instructions. Or you can give it for dry cleaning instead.

Air It Out

After washing your cushions and its cover, hang them out to dry well. But if you don’t want to wash the cushions, just put it in the fresh air for ventilation. It makes your cushion fresh.

Fluff the Stuff

This is the coolest bit of cushion care. Fluffing your cushions keeps them in shape and gives them a fresh look. If you find that your cushions are wet, just put them in sunlight for a few hours, it makes the cushion completely dry and cushions start gaining the volume again.

Use Dream Care Waterproof Terry Cushion covers and cushion protectors

For keeping your cushions clean and healthy, we recommend you to use dream care waterproof terry cushion covers and cushion protective covers, it’s available in a wide range of colours and designs. These covers are specially designed to protect your cushions from liquid, dust and keeps your cushion long-lasting.

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