How to take care of your RO?
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How to take care of your RO?

We all want to drink clean and pure water as 80% of the world’s diseases are water-borne. A RO system is the first thing that comes in our mind when we talk about safe drinking water. RO has become a common home appliance for safe drinking and cooking water. If you have a RO in your home, so it’s important for you to know about the working and proper maintenance method for RO. Here, first we will discuss some common problems with RO water purifiers and then we let you know some useful tips and ways to maintain a RO system to ensure best results and maintenance-free operations.

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Some common problems with RO water purifier

  1. RO water purifier stops working: At times the faulty supply cable or fault in transformers and / or capacitors may cause RO to start despite switching on the power supply. No need to worry in this situation, you can simply get the faulty cable or part replaced.
  2. Too low Water flow: if you find that the water flow is very slow from the fresh water tank, try to check the filters. It may have happened because of chocked filter or because of the tap’s high TDS. You can replace the chocked filter.
  3. Water has bad taste or odour: after installation of new RO, you should first drain out the completely filled tank once before putting it to use.
  4. Water leaking: if the fittings of the RO unit are not tight enough, it will lead water to leak. Get the tightening of all the fittings done as soon as possible. Also, you should avoid high tap water pressure.
  5. Vibrations in RO purifier: One of the common issues is the vibration issue in RO that usually calls for change of filter. This issue is called pressure differential vibrations. Different pressure between different filters often is the cause of these vibrations. This issue doesn’t affect the RO and usually fades away in few days.

Best tips and ways to maintain a RO system

  1. Change RO filters on a regular basis: filter of the RO system needs to be changed on a regular basis. For pure and high-quality water, it’s necessary to get it done by any professional technicians only. In RO there are several filter stages in a system and each needs to be changed on their time gap. If you do not change the filters at the right time, then the appliance will progressively starts producing lesser quality water and may stop working efficiently.
  2. Do regular clean and sanitize: For a long-life RO,you need to clean and sanitize it properly on a daily basis but at least once a year gets it cleaned by professional. You can go to a system service to sanitize the same.
  3. Install a softener for the extra effective running of the RO system: Access of magnesium andcalciumin water can damage the RO. So, it’s important to install a softener along with RO for extra effective functioning.
  4. Keep the exteriors of the RO system clean: along with the internal cleaning and care, exterior cleaning and maintenance are equally important. You should take care of the external machinery and tap cleaning. You can clean the RO using a cleaning cloth on a regular basis.
  5. Use Dream Care PVC Water Purifier RO Cover: A Quality Water Purifier RO Cover which provides protection to you RO from dirt, dust and scratches. Available in a high-quality PVC material with beautiful colours and prints.

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