How to turn your study table into WFH unit
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How to turn your study table into WFH unit

Purchased a study table online? Now transform your study table into work from  home study table with Dream Care India.

It is also recommended to buy the best table cover for the protection or longevity of your table. 

Things to Remember when Purchasing a brand new study table

While purchasing a study table online, you have to be certain the table is solidly made. An ergonomic desk will help you in a number of ways. Let’s skim through some:

Caring for your spine

An ergonomic desk will make sure that your spine isn’t bent in any unnatural manner. By assisting you to maintain a neutral spine, the ergonomic table will ensure that your posture stays healthy and straight.

The way to know if your table is ergonomic? Sit and operate for an hour. Feeling uncomfortable and your backbone is strained? Time to find a new dining table!

Gives you sufficient leg space

If your legs are not happy, you then can not be cheery too! An ergonomic analysis table layout will provide sufficient distance to your legs and thighs.

If your knees are cramped up from the drawers, then it’s a complete no-no.

The Ideal height

Your table has to be in the height of the elbow when you’re seated. This can help prevent strain. The laptop/desktop when positioned over the working surface of this table has to be on eye level for ease of work.

Ease of work means increased productivity also, incidentally. Thus, more reason that you put money into an ergonomic study table on the internet.

What features should your study table need to transform into a WFH table?

1 year manufacturer guarantee

Straightforward setup


Crafted with best-engineered timber

Transform your study table to a WFH table

Let’s now offer you some wonderful suggestions about ways to turn your study table to some WFH table and provide your cent percentage on the job.

Create space for good things to happen

Your mind can’t operate optimally in a cluttered area.

Already feeling milder? Proceed to another step!

Pair your desk with a seat

Get your ergonomic study table the seat of its own dreams.

When paired with an ergonomic seat, your ergonomic desk will double its efforts to maintain your spine healthy and your posture correctly.

Start filling your arsenal

Now the table is very clear and clean, and it’s a companion, it’s time for you to include your firearms which will allow you to perform your very best work. Place your notebook,your printer, your own laptops as well as other essentials.

Ensure that you don’t clutter the location, but just keep what is absolutely vital to your work. Things that you want once in a while although not necessarily, can enter the drawer.

Personalize the space

Insert a souvenir or a lucky charm which can allow you to keep focussed and joyful whilst working. But do not do it. Clutter-free is the trick to great work.

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