Is Your Family Safe From Your Own Mattress?
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Is Your Family Safe From Your Own Mattress?

    40% of Dust-Mites are still there on your mattress even after hours of cleaning. 


    Despite considerable efforts to develop anti-dust mite strategies, surprisingly few studies have evaluated the allergen content in different types of mattresses in everyday use. This study investigated the presence of mite feces (an indicator of mite allergens) in foam and spring mattresses. The homes of 152 schoolchildren in Northern Norway were investigated. Dust samples were collected in a standardized way from 24 foam mattresses without covers, 68 foam mattresses with covers, and 24 spring mattresses, and the presence of mite feces detected by a guanine colorimetric paper test (Acarex). 


    They found mite feces in 15 (40.5%) of the dust samples from the foam mattresses without covers and 18 (26.3%) of the foam mattresses with covers. Signs of dampness, age of mattress, cleaning of mattress, frequency of vacuuming the bedroom, mechanical ventilation, bedroom temperature, and bedroom relative humidity were associated with the presence of mite feces. 

    After adjustment for relevant confounders, the risk of ending mite feces was eight times higher for the foam mattresses without cover (OR 8.1, 95% CI 1.8–36.9). The simple placement of Mattress Protectors & Mattress Covers on Mattress may reduce the exposure to house dust-mite allergens. 

    Thus, Dream Care highly recommends the use of Mattress Covers, Mattress Protectors, Mattress Protection Sheets, Pillow protectors to safeguard your family from Dust-Mites, Allergies & other harmful particles. 

    Therefore, we at Dream Care take pleasure to serve you better health by taking the utmost care in manufacturing products for you. The product crafted with precise attention helps you in getting value in terms of health.

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