Is your LPG Cylinder harboring bugs and insects?
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Is your LPG Cylinder harboring bugs and insects?

In India it is often said that the way to a person’s heart goes through his / her platter. Similarly, it will not be wrong to say that the way to ensure a healthy family goes through the kitchen. Kitchen is the center for stimulating aroma of delicious food that not only entices the family members but also attracts the pests and bugs. Whether traditional or modern modular set up, no kitchen can be completely free of the insects and pests. One can only continuously work to minimize the possibility of their presence and spread.

The bugs and insects find their little abode in cracks and corners of the pantry, shelves, etc. Most of the pests including ants, cockroaches, rodents, flies, mosquitoes, etc. find the moist and warm temperature of kitchen to be an ideal place to nest. It not only provides them with ideal ecosystem but also adequate and easy sustenance required. One of the common assembly places for cockroaches, bugs, spiders and / mosquitoes is near and under the LPG Cylinder.  Being housed under the cooking area LPG Cylinder is rarely moved around and hence cause minimal disturbance to the bugs and insects who shelter themselves under its protection. It provides them with low temperature, moisture and spilled food and/or ingredients to harbor. 

The presence of these insects turns the kitchen into the hotspot for infection. The pathogens transmitted by these insects are major cause for food contamination that causes serious health issues like typhoid, diarrhea, allergies, stomachache, infections, allergies, etc.

The dilemma is that though insecticides and repellant sprays can be used for pantry areas, shelves etc. but being inflammable substance, these sprays are not advised to be used near and around cooking tops and LPG Cylinders. To daily remove and clean dry the space near and under the Cylinder area also is recommended but impractical routine to be adhered to without fail and few misses will turn the wheel to the start.

Waterproof Cylinder Cover with PVC made provides a suitable and hassle-free option to address the issue. It covers all the loose and possible entry points of these insects and pests to enter beneath the cylinder and hence keeps them confined to open spaces where they are more susceptible and can be targeted through anti – pest / bug repellent sprays. Being PVC made up they are not only economical but also easy to maintain. It requires only a light mopping to clean dry their surface.

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