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Protection for your comfort - Mattress protector | Dream Care India

Your whole day depends on how well you slept last night. This is why you need to clock in a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night. The quality of your sleep greatly depends on the mattress you're using. But before buying a mattress, you need to understand that taking good care of it matters the most.

However, as time passes, you may become less responsive to the sanitation of the mattress, which frequently results in a dirty and broken mattress, shortening its life. And, this harm could have an impact not just on your comfort, but also on your health. That is why it is crucial to get a mattress protector to offer protection to your mattress, which not only extends the life of your purchase but also helps keep up the sanitation of the bed and mattress.

The common issue that occurs with the mattress is water spillage. This directly rots the mattress from inside and develops a foul smell over time. That's why it is important that you get a waterproof bed protector for your bed. 

You will find the best mattress quilt in an online shop with numerous options depending on the size and requirements of your mattress. The best part is that you can compare the price of the product across the site as well as the quality of the product and choose what serves you the best and provides you with satisfaction.

What are the Mattress protectors made of?

Mattress Protector

Whenever you start looking out for an impermeable mattress protector, you should first learn about the cover's construction and the kind of fabric utilised. Only after that will you be able to select the appropriate protector.

Most of the mattress covers are made up of a Terry cotton surface with TPU filling on top. At times, they are made of polyester, fibre fill, and wool. That's why you need to keep these points in mind before choosing your zippered mattress cover.

Almost everyone spent the majority of the entire day (6 hours) in bed. This renders it an important aspect of your overall health. Which is why, whilst selecting a mattress protector, you should evaluate the quality of the fabric. Make sure to purchase fabrics that are supple, breathable, and soft on your skin.

Also, do not purchase synthetic mattress protectors because they retain heat and induce uncomfortable disruptions in the quality of your sleep. Local markets don't often bring quality mattresses; hence, it is better to shop online to get both good price value and quality.

Types of mattress protector to choose from.

Mattress Protector

A mattress cover is supposed to increase its lifespan, but it is also important that we can clean the cover. It will help in preventing the foul smell that gets developed in the mattress over time. But if we use the wrong mattress cover, we might face challenges in cleaning and maintaining the mattress. 

All our solutions lie in just one thing: picking the right protector according to our needs. For instance, if we have a kid at home, then it becomes important to get a mattress cover that can retain fluid absorption in the mattress. But if you are someone who cleans mattresses at regular intervals and likes to change them frequently, then a zippered mattress protector works the best. 

These covers in general are known to keep dust and termites away, which are a common problem when it comes to maintaining the hygiene of the bed and bedroom. Let's understand the perks of owning a waterproof and zippered protector in detail.

Waterproof mattress cover

The waterproof mattress covers are made up of vinyl/PVC, PEVA/EVA, and polyurethane. These materials are known to resist water spillage, which is the core reason for destroying the material. Unnecessary moisture not only damages the mattress but often causes allergies as well as fungal infections on the skin. So, it becomes really important to keep moisture away from your mattress to maintain health and hygiene. 

Waterproof bed protectors are available online with the best deals that you can't find in the offline store. Also, you can even test and then return the mattress cover because sometimes companies offer a 10-day return policy. 

Why you need a waterproof mattress protector

  • It is important to keep your bed perfect for uninterrupted sleep. These mattress covers are best to keep your bed like new for a long time. 
  • With increased dust and dirt around, it becomes important to protect your bed. Adding an impermeable barrier between your mattress and the dusty dirt is going to help keep everything sparkling fresh.
  • A stain of coffee, tea, or wine on an ageing mattress or yellow layer scum makes the mattress look filthy. So, if you can't resist having your morning tea in bed, then at least get a waterproof mattress cover for yourself. 
  • Stale smells are the primary cause of poor sleep. This happens when your mattress absorbs a lot of moisture and doesn't get enough heat to dry up. Hence, don't forget to add a waterproof cover to the top of your mattress. 
  • Having an allergy to mould, moisture, and smell can give you a hard time if your mattress is not clean. That's why you should have the best mattress cover for your newly arrived mattress.

Zippered Mattress cover

When you opt for a regular fitted sheet to protect your mattress protector, you just depend on the plastic mattress linings that have been given along the mattress for its protection, the overall longevity and protection of the mattress become a matter of concern. 

Having a zippered protector for your mattress not only provides an additional layer of protection to your coverage against all kinds of damages, but you can also clean it at regular intervals. These are best suited for guest rooms on rental property, as they can be easily changed and washed.

Features of a zippered mattress cover

  • It is known to provide structural protection and support to the mattress so that it doesn't break from the middle or corner due to unnecessary bending. 
  • It enhances sleep quality when put on the mattress. 
  • It keeps the unnecessary heat and moisture away to aid overall comfort and a sound sleep. 
  • It is useful both indoors and outdoors, but is particularly useful when hiking.
  • It could be changed and cleaned easily. Also, they are machine-friendly, but you can also opt for dry cleaning if you want the cover to last a long. 
  • These mattress protectors are easy to carry anywhere and are proven to be anti-allergenic; hence, they are best suited for individuals with sensitive skin. 

Perks of owning a Mattress cover

A normal Dream Care’s mattress protector costs around INR 699 and can go as high as INR 5000. The price of the mattress increases with the brand, availability, and quality of the cover. You can find a large variety of variants available online that are easy to purchase as they offer home delivery and come under a warranty period that you can claim in case of a damaged product. 

But if you are someone who thinks that buying a mattress cover doesn't count as an essential need, then you are very wrong! Putting your mattress inside a protector provides you with numerous perks. So if you are still unaware of them or if you are interested in knowing them in detail, then we have elaborated on them for you so that you can make an informed decision!

Protection against Dust.

Dust and grime are the primary reasons for damaging any product. It is similar in the case of a mattress as well. Unwanted dust and grime not only ruins the aesthetic of the mattress, but it also impacts its performance by hindering your sleep. 

Also, it is impossible to clean a mattress at regular intervals. Even though you argue that you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner, it won't be as clean as it is supposed to be kept. Therefore, to maintain the cleanliness of your bedroom, it becomes crucial to get the best mattress cover for usage.

Cover from mould and mildew.

Moulds and mildew suck the life out of the mattress. Not only do they make it look ugly, filthy, and unhygienic, but they also damage the product, which results in a ripe or rotten mattress after a certain period of time.

Moulds are the results of accidental spillage that remains unnoticed for a long time, thus resulting in smelly yellow and green moulds. 

Since it is important to keep moisture away from the mattress, make sure to get yourself a waterproof mattress cover. It prevents water and moisture absorption in the mattress and keeps it dry and healthy.

Make mattress life long

A mattress usually comes with a warranty of 1-2 years against any kind of damage, but with the company's own terms and conditions. Also, a regular mattress costs between INR 6,000 and INR 11,000, which, of course, doesn't make it a product that could be bought repeatedly. 

So how will you make your mattress last? Make sure to get a mattress cover, be it a zippered mattress protector, a full-fitting cover, or a waterproof cover. These will help by providing protection to your mattress from all the damaging agents present in your surroundings.

Protection from bugs and termites.

Bed bugs are the prime reason for ruining sleep. Even if you are exhausted and want to have a rest, these bugs and termites will make it impossible. Alongside that, it will slowly damage your mattress and turn it into a pile of dust. But why? You didn't protect your mattress from grime and dirty spillage. 

Get yourself a new mattress cover and protect your mattress as well as your health before the matter gets worse. You can get these covers both online and offline.

Regulates body temperature.

Picking the right mattress cover doesn't only enhance the life of your mattress but also helps you fall asleep faster. Yes, you heard it right! Mattress covers are usually made up of breathable fabrics that help keep the body cool at night. 

Usually the mattress covers are designed with fabric like Terry cotton, so even if it is hot, the fabric will prevent excessive sweating from your body and help in maintaining the temperature. On the other hand, adding synthetic material can build up heat, so pick the mattress cover wisely that can provide both benefits at once.

Easy to clean.

Imagine washing your mattresses and drying them out under the sun! It didn't feel like an easy task, right? Even if you do it annually, that doesn't seem like a comfortable and feasible task. But everything needs to be cleaned and maintained to make it last longer, and particularly if something is associated with your health, then hygiene should be a priority. 

Mattress protectors can be removed and cleaned at regular intervals. These are easy to wash and dry. You can opt for regular or dry washing, depending on the instructions that come along with the cover. Whatever the case, getting a mattress cover is a more economical option than having to clean the mattress.

Do all mattress cover provide an equal level of comfort?

Mattress Protector Cover

If you think that all mattress covers are similar, then you are making a huge mistake. There is a wide range of mattress covers that can be classified as regular, mediocre, or best. It completely depends on the functionality of the cover—does it only protect the mattress or does it also provide comfort? 

Mattress covers that are simply made of cotton or polyester play the basic role of safeguarding the mattress surface, while covers made with fibre fills and memory foam are known to provide additional comfort alongside the protection. Therefore, you can make your choices depending on your requirements, but make sure to source things from trusted shops only.

When should you own a protector for your mattress?

To prevent your mattress from getting damaged by all these factors, a mattress cover plays a pivotal role, and you will need different covers depending on your requirements. If you are finding it hard to figure out the suitable cover for you, then we can happily lend out help.

Essential For Children bed.

There is no doubt that your kids will bring a glass of water on the bed, or they might even start splashing water on each other during an activity, and if this happens on or near the mattress, then the damage to the mattress is coming your way. 

A waterproof bed protector is one of the most appropriate and best options for a kid's bed because it provides overall protection by preventing moisture, spillage, dust, and grime. Some of these are even stain-proof, thus making them the best for a kid's room.  

Protection from pets

The sharp claws of your beloved pets can be very damaging to your mattress. Cats and dogs often claw at hard surfaces, and mattresses are something that intrigues them a lot. Your pet's clawing mattress can result in spilt fillers that can make the mattress uncomfortable to sleep on. 

A hard-surface mattress cover will help provide protection against such damages. So now that you have put on a mattress cover, you can let your pets roam around freely without fearing damage.

For guest room and rental property

Having a clean mattress cover often gives a sense of comfort and protection. Particularly when you are having rotating guests who are going to sleep on the same mattress. These covers will help you maintain cleanliness and a healthy environment despite being used repeatedly. 

In such a situation, a zippered mattress protector serves its purpose well. You can simply remove the cover and have them cleaned at regular intervals. It not only maintains the cover's hygiene but is also good for the mattress.

Bottom line

Lastly, nothing can be better than a mattress covers to prevent your mattress from getting damaged. These covers are available online, where you can get them at the most affordable price on great deals, during the festive season and sales.

These covers are waterproof and can be cleaned easily. Also, it saves you time and energy by providing long-lasting protection to your mattresses, which are often a one-time investment. So make sure you invest in a good quality mattress protector and not let anything hamper your comfort and sleep.

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