Most Common Problems With Split Air Conditioners
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Most Common Problems With Split Air Conditioners

The only time of the year when air conditioners are for the most part used is through summertime and then we take out the split AC covers; this is when you’d need your air conditioner to maintain the best possible state. Through the recent survey, Majority of people use 1.5 ton AC for their home. So your AC should be protected by AC Cover 1.5 ton, in both off-season and running season.

We List Down 4 Most Common Split AC Problems And How You Can Fix Them…

Lack Of Cooling

Split air conditioners don’t require too much time to cool the space but despite storing it around for hours when there’s absolutely no suitable heating, the reason might be a dirty air filter or even a blocked condensate drain. Air filters shield the AC from dust from the atmosphere. It could be simple to wash an air filter at a Window AC however for split AC, you’ll require support from a specialist.

Air filters trap debris and dust that’s pulled to the ducts and when they are not cleaned, they stay clogged and influence the heating procedure. We recommend obtaining the air purifier twice annually for much better performance and to prevent any issue during summers. Another potential cause of absence of heating might be ice formation around the coils or even a filthy outdoor compressor for that you may require support from a specialist.

Low On Refrigerant Or Gas Leakage

If the air conditioner isn’t properly heating, then it’s also likely that it is low on refrigerant. This means it had been undercharged, or there’s gas leakage at the split air conditioner. This is a common issue with residents situated around coastal areas or anywhere near sewer, in which air pollution is large. In cases like this, a specialist will have to check for any leaks prior to adding more refrigerant, as issues with escapes will last, and they are sometimes damaging to the environment.

Bear in mind, once the air conditioner includes a refrigerant problem, it works harder and runs more time to maintain your room in the specified temperature. Therefore don’t use the appliance for hours thinking it might begin it or cooling can cause increased power bills. But you can prevent expensive AC repairs and maintain your AC working at peak performance using frequent servicing.

Faulty Compressor

After the compressor stops functioning, it’s a symptom of a burnt cable, faulty start capacitor or even a faulty compressor . In cases like this, you’ll have to acquire the condenser coil cleaned, assess the capacitor and replace the breaker if it’s found faulty. A compressor prices anywhere between Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000, based upon the manufacturer.

AC Keeps Turning On & Off Constantly

If your air conditioner keeps turning off and on, it is ideal to switch off it until you do not get it serviced. Most probably, the evaporator is filthy as well as the condenser is dirty or obstructed. A dirty filter restricts airflow and limited airflow causes more difficulties, including a suspended evaporator coil. Notably, before and following summer, it is important to change the air filter to get superior cooling and total performance. Last, before you receive assistance from a specialist, you can double check the thermostat settings yourself and see whether the timer setting has been switched on and alter it appropriately.

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