Qualities of a Cushion Protector
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Qualities of a Cushion Protector

Hey Guys! Are you facing troubles lately due to your cushions being damaged? If yes, then our experts will guide you on how you can protect your cushions with the right type of cushion protector. As per our experts, you need to understand the quality and the fabric well. There are various factors due to which your cushions have to bear the damage. Cushions not only make your sofas look appealing but they also serve the comfort factor. Therefore, you must not just run after one factor of a protector, but all others too.  

In this Blog Post we will cover various doubts and will let you know about the qualities of a good cushion protector. So, let’s begin.

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Things to know about good quality Cushion Protector

1. What should You look for in a Cushion Protector?

The first Quality that you should look for in a cushion protector is its fabric. The fabric should be anti-dust fabric. The pore size should be smaller so that dust doesn’t pass through it. One of such fabrics is Terry cotton. This fabric is breathable, but with an anti-dust quality. Another Important Quality that you should look for in a cushion cover is that it should be waterproof and stain proof. There are various accidents where water and other liquid items get spilled over the sofa or cushions. You must buy waterproof cushion protectors.

2. What is Cushion Fabric?

A cushion fabric is a fabric that is used to make pillows or cushions. Makers of cushion protectors either use organic, synthetic or natural fibres. The best fabric is the one that checks upon all the qualities that a cushion cover should have.

3. Which material Cushion Cover is the best?

The best cushion cover fabrics are: Terry Cotton, Nylon, Satin, Silk, and Linen. Make sure that you look for the type that is waterproof. These fabrics also have different types, so you must read once.

4. Should your Cushion Cover be smaller in size than the cushion?

Yes, slightly. But, again it depends on the material of your pillow. We are not suggesting that you take a smaller size, because it won’t fit. But, the reason for a slight difference is that the cushion will fit perfectly inside the cushion cover. You need to make sure that your cover is not big in size, otherwise it will create an odd appearance.

5. What are the Trending Cushion Protectors Online?

Yes, the Trend that we all love to follow, is here. When we were researching we got to know that people are searching for: cotton cushion covers, square cushion protectors, scatter cushion protectors, cambric cushion covers, and dunelm cushion protectors.

So, guys these were some of the qualities that a good cushion protector should have. We tried to clear the doubts in form of Questions and Answers. It helps us elaborate more and go deep inside the topics. If you liked our blog post, then do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to read your comments. Thank you for being with us till the end.

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