Select the right Microwave for your Home
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Select the right Microwave for your Home

The microwave oven is one of the quintessential appliances in our kitchen. Especially, to working men and women, whose life is fast and occupied with multiple tasks. Based on your needs you can decide which microwave you want, considering the following points:

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Things to take care while buying a microwave:

Size Matters: It’s essential to find the right size microwave that will meet your family needs and fit in your kitchen space. You will need to measure the counter or other space where you want to put your microwave. If you have a small family with 2-3 members, a small sized microwave (18-20 liters) should work just fine. Cooking for a large family would certainly require a larger microwave on high power. The average-sized ones (20-23 liters) would be apt.

Brands: Some of the popular brands offer a 3-year brand warranty on the heating elements and the body, whereas few others offer only 1-year warranty. You can also compare the features and other benefits brand by brand. Further, take into consideration, the after-sales services provided by each brand before planning on buying one.

Automatic sensor: A salient feature that most microwave ovens are geared with. It is also referred to as a humidity sensor, the sensor indicates whether or not the food is cooked. It prevents overheating of food.

Power Rating: The lesser cooking time, the higher the power rating. Small sized ones usually consume less power than the larger ones. So make a decision according to your electricity consumptions.

Control panel: It is suggested that you buy a microwave either having a mechanical or a combination of both mechanical and touch control panel. The touch control panel is prone to failure, so it has to be used carefully. Major companies nowadays have started manufacturing mechanical control panels for their high-end products.

Child safety lock:  If you have children at your home, having a microwave with child safety lock feature is needed. The Child Safety program permits the control panel of the oven to be locked so that children cannot use it. This prevents the happening of any misuse of the oven.

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