Taking care of commonly visible and used yet neglected part of your fr
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Taking care of commonly visible and used yet neglected part of your fridge?

We all are fully aware about how Refrigerator makes our daily life easy and comfortable. However, everyone of us have a very different perspective on how to use the top of our refrigerator. As individuals who are tempted to utilize every possible empty space, an open space on top of the refrigerator appears to be a dream come true for many. It appears to give a normal household an opportunity to use creativity from using it as storage of empty or half utilized boxes to cooking library. It is also used as a platform to showcase crockery or artifacts and showpieces. Many at times it is used to keep something that is frequently in use like keys or store fruits to avoid opening fridge or to be used as mini stores to keep children’s toys out of their reach. Many such creative ideas are implemented despite knowing the fact that the top of the refrigerator is not meant for any of these. The frequent abuse of refrigerator top negatively affects the same.

The loaded top of the fridge leads to various issues that one only repents once has led to an incident. Since the heat of the compressors is dissipated through the coils and move towards the top, a loaded top obstructs the usual heat loss leading the extra pressure on the compressor. The top being an open space in sight, one is tempted with the idea of stocking things on the top so that they always remain in sight. However, not as comfortably in reach the search and struggle to get hands on the right thing in time of need often lead to things going hay way and dropped and demise of articles or items that may not always survive the great fall. During the opening and closing of the refrigerator door one cannot prevent the vibrations that often move the items placed on top to gradually move in front or towards the back. Frequent repetition of the same eventually leads to the accidental fall.

If we use Fridge Mats then it gives appealing look and cleanliness to our home.

The waterproof and dust proof refrigerator top covers are essentials for any household. It not only protects the top surface of the refrigerator from the abuses caused due to rough usage, spillage and wear and tear due to temperature and weather but also help to act as a small sorted organizer to store utility items in its storage pockets. Their availability in varied patters and colors give user the option to match and select the one that best compliments the refrigerator and the interior of the kitchen and / or room. It is recommended to use fridge cover for the external threats. Fridge protector also plays important roles for the protection of fridge.

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