Top 10 Washing Machines in India, 2021
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Top 10 Washing Machines in India, 2021

Washing machine as the primary option for cleaning clothes has been in practice since the early history of mankind, with washerwomen using soap and ashes to wash and sterilize linen. The invention of the washing machine dates back to the 1850s with the manual operation of two rollers and the dirty cloth running between them with a soapy solution working as a detergent. Although, washhouses provided a stable platform for women to socialize on a larger scale as the laborious task consumed much of their day.

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Invention of Washing Machines

Nowadays, technology advancing at an exponential rate exposes the troubles of human efforts with the automation of different aspects, such as rinsing, scrubbing, and the regulation of temperature for longer durability of the cloth. There are two types of washing machines available in the market today, the first is semi-automatic, and the second is automatic.

Types of Washing Machines

  • Semi-automatic washing machine is the most commonly used product in India as it is cheaper than the automatic model and easier to use than a washing bat to clean clothes. The semi-automatic washing machine contain two tubs; one for washing and the other for drying. Human intervention plays a major role in the cycle of washing a cloth as a person has to put the washed cloth in the dryer with a timer set manually. No constant water supply is needed while washing clothes.

  • Automatic Washing Machine, Arguably, is the best way to get clean clothes. All the manual inputs such as a timer, rinse cycle, temperature control, washing, scrubbing, and drying are just a command way from you. You don’t have to switch between tubs to perform different tasks. Although, a constant supply of water is needed for the machine to perform the task assigned. It comes in two variants; Front loading and Top loading.

  • Front Loading Washing Machines are easier on clothes and maintains the fabric over time as the load is given from the front. This variant is more energy-efficient than the top loading with clothes landing on a shallow pool of water for cleaning and the lack of an agitator is revered.

  • Top Loading Washing Machines are easier on the knees as it stands at a considerable height and the load is applied from the top. It is a better option as it can add more clothes that were missed during the mid-cycle, making it easier for buyers to put a higher load to get highly efficient results
  • Features to look after before buying a Washing Machine


  • Capacity – The capacity of the washing machine defines the payload and requirement of the person using it. More the capacity of the washing machine more is the ability to clean clothes in bulk, which in India is a successful paradigm

  • Soaking Method – There are 3 methods of soaking clothes. First is presoak, which involves the soaking of clothes to release the adamant stains before the washing cycle. The second is a quick wash, which is possible in Automatic Washing Machines as it involves a quick wash cycle with every process timely induced, giving a good result. The third is a regular wash, which constitutes the daily wash items with regulated aspects in both Semi-automatic and Automatic Washing Machines. 

  • Efficiency – From earlier times the efficiency of a process has been the emphasis of many industries across different locations.  There are two methods used in today’s washing machines that help in improving efficiency, namely water efficiency, and energy efficiency. Water efficiency includes the appropriate water holding capacity of the tub, whereas technologies such as inverter and drum technology.

  • Spin Speed – Different speeds in a washtub allocates different spin speeds for various fabric materials, allowing the user to get the best results indifferently.  

  • Temperature Control – Distinct fabric material possesses certain properties, making them unique under conditional circumstances. Similarly, cleansing of this fabric requires different temperatures to get the appropriate results. There are three types of temperature options available – cold, mild, and hot.

  • Durability – The durability of the machine plays a major role in justifying the investment in technology. Machine parts of the highest quality enhance the performance as well as the longevity.

  • Service Quality – A manufacturer offers goods and a stable platform for the service of goods. So, a well-established company provides a better service due to its close range and available parts to switch in case of technical faults.

  • Noise – Although, noise is a part of the functioning of a machine, over the past decade companies have focused on providing machines with less noise for a seamless experience.

  • Top 10 Washing Machines Brands in India (2021)

    1. Semi-Automatic Washing Machines
    • LG 8 kg Inverter Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (P8035SGMZ) –
    • LG 8kg Pros –  
    1. 4 wash programs
    2. Roller jet technology
    3. Rat away technology
    4. 5-star energy rating
    • Cons –  
    1. No facility for hot water
    2. Relatively less spinning speed
    3. Heavy machinery
    2. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (ACE 7.5 SUPREME) –
        1. Ace wash tray
        2. 3 modes of wash
        3. In-built scrubber
        4. Easy mobility
        • Cons –  
        1. No facility for a hot wash
        2. Doesn’t have the comfort of a fully automatic machine
        3. Panasonic 7 kg Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (NA-W70E5RRB) –
        1. Power full motor
        2. Low energy and water consumption
        3. Active foam system
        4. Detergent Box
        • Cons –  
        1. Lacks hot water facility
        2. Less mobility
        4. LG 7.5 kg Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (P7535SBMZ) –
        1. Roller jet pulsator
        2. Wind jet dry technology
        3. Rat away technology
        4. Magic wheels
        • Cons –  
        1. Not fully automatic
        2. Relatively low rpm
         5. Samsung 6.5kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (WT657QPNDPGXTL) –
        1. Double storm jet system
        2. EZ wash tray system
        3. Caster wheels for easy movement
        • Cons –  
        1. Vibrates a little when drying

        2. Automatic Washing Machines –
        1. LG 8kg Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine (T80SJSF1Z) –
        1. Child lock feature
        2. Stainless steel drum
        3. Low consumption of water and energy
        4. In-built heater
        5. 6 D motion technology
        • Cons –  
        1. Heavy machinery
        2. IFB 8kg Front Loading Automatic Washing Machine (Senator plus SX) –
        1. High Rpm for better drying of clothes.
        2. Facility for fabric softener
        3. Blankets are washable
        • Cons –  
        1. Requires a tap for a specific process.
        3. Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WOE702D2IN) –
        • Bosch 7kg Pros –
        1. Ergonomic features for best wash
        2. Good service
        3. Less consumption of water and energy
        • Cons –  
        1. Expensive spare parts
        4. Whirlpool 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (STAINWASH ULTRA 7.0) –
        1. Stain wash technology
        2. 6th sense wash
        3. In-built heater
        4. Zero fill technology
        5. 12 wash programs
        • Cons –  
        1. Low RPM
         5. IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX) –
        • IFB 6.5kg Pros –
        1. Suitable with hard water
        2. Various wash programs
        3. Crescent moon drum
        4. Ideal for a small family
        • Cons –  
        1. Low capacity
        2. Doesn’t fit in every tap.

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