Types of Transparent Curtains- Full Guide For You!
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Types of Transparent Curtains- Full Guide For You!

Hey Guys! Hope you all are doing well in this pandemic situation. Today we are back with a trending topic. It is about different types of transparent curtains. These curtains come in various materials and serve different purposes. We are putting light over some of these areas where these curtains are used and what they are called.

In short, transparent curtains are classy and at the same time they let light pass through them, due to which we are able to see through. But, the visibility depends upon the material as well. People prefer different types of curtains. We have listed the common transparent curtains below which are in trend too. So, let’s now jump on to these types.

1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are light weighted curtains. The fabric is very light and also see through. The fabric is a wonderful light filter. It is mostly used at homes for decoration purposes. People use them as window curtains or to divide a room into 2. It produces a beautiful effect, when sunlight falls over it. These curtains play an important role in adding on style into your room. As per experts, sheer curtains offer breezy feeling and they are perfect for areas like bedrooms, living room and kitchen windows. They look really elegant and attractive.

2. Transparent Curtains for Shower

Transparent Shower Curtains are used in bathrooms to create a separate space for taking a shower and also for privacy purposes. These curtains are mostly used by people at home and therefore, it is on our list as well. Generally, people ask, that whether a fabric shower curtain is better or a plastic one? Well, the answer depends on the perspective and needs of an individual.

A high quality and chemical free PVC shower curtain can be an excellent choice because there will be no tension of cleaning it again and again. On top of that, these transparent shower curtains come in different textures too. You can choose as per your desire. You must look for high grade PVC and chemical free curtains. Then children can also enjoy their bathing time without any tension.

3. Transparent AC Curtains

In hot summers, we mostly prefer to sit in ac rooms. Right? But, if there are any open entrances say for example, drawing room to kitchen, or one room to another, then we want to cover them up. It is to stop the air flow from moving out towards unwanted areas. To do so, people use transparent ac curtains. These curtains are used both at home and at shops too, for the same purpose. You can easily buy these transparent ac curtains online. Let’s see how they work at these places.

AC Curtains for Home

These transparent curtains are made out of PVC material. They help in blocking cool air flow towards areas where it is not required. For example, you have a huge living room, and you want to separate some space where you can install an AC. Therefore, you can divide the room with the help of a transparent AC curtain.  Then the space for ac will be separated from the rest of your living room.

Similarly, you can place this curtain at the opening that connects your living room to your kitchen.  There can be many other examples like these. These curtains also prevent dust to enter the room. Overall, a god product and affordable too. The range may vary as per the opening size that you want to cover and also the length of your curtain.

Transparent Curtains for Shop

These curtains are also made up of PVC material. The only difference here is that for large shop entrances, and industrial areas, we generally use transparent strip curtains. We will discuss that in the next point below. If the shop is not that big, then the entrance can be easily covered with a normal transparent PVC curtain. These transparent curtains for shop prevent the entry of dust, dirt, pollution, and insects inside the shop. It also stops the cool air flow to move outside the shop.

4. Transparent Strip Curtains

Transparent Strip curtains are made up of PVC strips that are hanged with the help of metal channels. These strips are movable, so if someone needs to cross the entrance, they don’t have to move or slide the whole curtain. Just pass through it, as the strips are movable. These curtains are widely seen at industrial workplaces.

They act as a barrier against dust, birds, fumes, insects, etc. They also help in maintaining the airflow within the workplace. The thickness of these strips vary depending upon the entrance size and other requirements. Some people prefer using these strip curtains at office places too. Again, it all depends upon your idea and the need.

So guys, we hope that you were able to figure out different types of transparent curtains and their uses as well. Transparent curtains are really useful for different areas in our lives. They serve their purpose really well, and therefore are in trend. If you liked this blog post, then do let us know in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading.

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