Waterproof Mattress Protector Vs Normal Mattress Cover
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Waterproof Mattress Protector Vs Normal Mattress Cover

    Hi guys! Today’s topic is going to be really interesting. I personally like such topics where we put up a comparison between 2 products. It is because we would love to help you choose the right thing. In today’s Blog Post we will showcase a comparison between Waterproof Mattress Protector and Normal Mattress Cover. When you buy a new mattress, it’s a lot of investment and you start thinking on how you can protect it for a longer duration. Well, it is really easy if you have the right product in hand.

    We will be comparing the points one by one for both products. So let’s get started.

    Why should I choose waterproof mattress protector over Normal Mattress Cover?

    There are few points that we figured out while researching. Here is an infographic for the same. The image will help you look out on pointers that will compare both waterproof mattress protector and normal mattress cover. Later we will elaborate the points below.

    Waterproof Mattress Protector over Normal Mattress Cover

    Protection Against Liquid Spills

    Waterproof Mattress Protector: A big yes here. Being waterproof these protectors have a quality to absorb liquid quickly. They do not let the liquid reach your mattress. Therefore, you can rest assured that your mattress is protected against incidents like liquid spills, bedwetting at night, etc. The material used to make these protectors is 100% waterproof and soft.

    Normal Mattress Cover: A normal cover is not waterproof, and you will have to keep changing it whenever such incidents will occur.

    Protection against Stains

    Waterproof Bed Protector: Being waterproof, this protector has the ability to keep off any stains from the mattress. If something falls over the mattress, it will be really easy to clean it off. You will not have to replace the protector.

    Normal Bed Cover: Normal cover do not provide the guarantee of stain proof quality. If something falls over it, the stain will surely come up. You will then have to change the bed cover. Washing off stains is another level time taking process.  

    Protection against Dust and Allergies

    Waterproof Mattress Protector: One of the amazing qualities of a mattress protector is that it doesn’t let dust stick over it. Good for infants and adults as well. The fabric used is hypoallergenic that keeps away bacterial growth and hence leads to no allergies.

    Mattress Cover: A mattress cover doesn’t provide any protective layer against dust. These covers easily get dirty due to dust and stains, and may even lead to allergies for some people. Especially with kids, a normal cover will not be that useful.

    Protection against Sweating  

    Waterproof Bed Protector: The material used in good quality waterproof bed protectors is breathable. It lets air pass through it and is heat regulator. You will sweat less in summers. It also has the quality to block away moisture and perspiration.

    Normal Bed Cover: A normal Bed Cover as we discussed is not waterproof, therefore it will not block away any heat or perspiration. If you sweat a lot in summers, then a normal bedsheet or cover will not be your friend.

    So, guys, these were the 4 points that we compared for you. We hope this blog post helped you. If you liked our Blog, then do comment down below to let us know. We would love to read your comments. Thank you for being with us till the end.

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